Bangladeshi Sweet Wedding Wife ‘Mridula Roy’

Mridula Roy
Status: Married



6 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Sweet Wedding Wife ‘Mridula Roy’

  1. hi,have a good day,i am from Chittagong city in a private job.i need a women,Richika,please,
    serious relationship

    I want someone who can take my breath away and knows that “build-up” is important.want has to know how to get down and dirty whether out the mountain four-wheeling or working on him car but also know how to clean up nice and know how to make a girl feel special out on the town. Shy guys are great and even those ones that pretend to be shy, but she needs to be able to warm up after a bit too and not be afraid to take control of the situation in an awkward moment. Not 100% sure if I believe in the soulmate thing but I definitely believe there are some people we are meant to meet, even if just for a little while
    I consider myself to be an easy going, fun loving, caring and honest person. I believe in being committed to a relationship. I like many things and I am fairly open to trying something new. I would like to meet someone who:
    shares my interests, (not necessarily all, but at least some of them).is honest, easy going, fun loving and caring. would be committed to a relationship with the right person. would like to get to know me for who I am inside. is open to trying new things
    I am very open minded about “the women of my dreams”.Age, circumstances,distance are NOT important. You could be 25 or 55, live next door or 3000 miles away, a waitress or a millionaire…it makes no difference… I’ll know you are the one when we meet.
    Emory / Cgp

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