Bangladeshi Home Girl Photo ‘Richika’

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32 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Home Girl Photo ‘Richika’

    At 1st tomar jama khulbu, pore tomar dudu aste aste kamrabo r lip kissing korbo,tarpor tumi amar pent khule amar dhonta chusbe,tarpor ami tomake bede niye soyabo,then tomar pajama khule penty tao khule nibo,tapor tomar du pa fak kore du dike soriye tomar vodata amar jib diye chatbo r vitore thela bo, taprpor tomar upore uthe aste kore amar khara lomba mota dhon ta poch poch pochat kore dukiye bo tomar vodar vitore, ahhhhhhhhhh,ohhhhhhhhhhhh, tapor aste chodar speed barabo, r tumi ahhhh,ohhhhh korte thakbe, tarpor tomar dudu chapte chapte vorta banabo r lip kissing r niche tomar vodar vitore amar dhon dukiye issamoto ram chuda chudbo, abvabe pray 15 minit chudte chudte tomar voday fena tulbo, tarpor abar ektu rest niye suru korbo choda,, tumi tokhon chudachudir moza peye jabe. 8” dhoner guta kheye chuddar asol moza pete thakbe. ektu pore ami abar bolbo, kemon lagse tomar, bole ami komor ta upore tulbo. Kintu ei bar ektu beshi upore tulay amar dhon ta tomar vodar vitor theke’ posath’ sobdo (sound) kore ber hobe. amii bolbo ‘AHHA’ tumi o bolbe A-H-A. Tokon tumi bolbe amay ‘ekon jaben na. Apni ekane suye thakun ‘ bole amake tomar buker upor dhore rakbe. ami tomar upor suye thakbo. tarpor tomar vodar upor amar dhon diye guta dibo. Vodar upor dhon diye chap diye bolbo ‘eta ke kothay rakhbo? tumi ek hath niche namiye amar dhon ta dhorbe r bolbe ,’ki mota ar lomba dhon’ khub shokto hoye ache. tumi otake hate dhore tomar vodar mukhe lagiye diye bolbe ‘ekhane rakho’. ami ebar ek chap dite e amar dhon ta tomar pichchil vodar vitor ‘voch’ shobdo kore sompurno dhukiye dibo. tumi arame A-A-A-h-h sobdo kore utbe. a,i amar lip diye tomar lip duti chepe dhore bolbo ‘aste keu sunte pabe’. Ebar ami dui hate tomake joriye dhore amar komor ta uta nama korte thakbo. Ar edike amar dhon ta ‘POCH -POCH POCHATH POCHATH sobdo kore tomar vodar vitor uta nama korte thakbe. Evabe pray ½ ghonta dhore ami tomake chude amar mal out korbo tomar vodar vitore ahhhhhhhhh,ohhhhhh. tumio o chorom tripti pabe. valo lagle emai dio or add korio amake, amar email id—
    Mobile No–01817584904

  2. Hi hello beautiful garl. How are you? Please can we making anything else please. I interested 2you please can you reply. My email address.

  3. hi richika i am tony i saw ur picture i know u are so sexy and so beautiful ur boob.i want to meet with u and will sex you live in chittagong?if it is yes where is ur home?i am in chiittagong.reply quickly.

  4. Hi Dear ms.Richika,
    Nearly gave up.I nodded,forget all the sorrows and
    want to make my life happy & enjoyable now.
    You know… I’m not gonna play stupid games with you…
    I really like you..seriously!
    We’ll not waist our time on endless chatter or other bullshit.
    Let’s make magic now…you know what
    You’ll find me here: I’m waiting for you reply!
    Best Regards,
    Emory G. DIAS

    1. hi dear,ms.Richika,

      please see this The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you,No matter how far they wander.
      Don’t waste time have you got any reply do not be still.
      Best wishes,

      Emory / Cgp

  5. hi dear ‘Richika’,

    how is life going hope good,i am from Chittagong city,i have sent you so…so..e-mail,But you
    did not reply me back,please do soon,if you want it……..?
    send me your full address or your cell mobile no……. I will do it.
    e / Cgp

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