Bangladeshi Cute & Nice Girl ‘Shimana Shimu’

Her ex-boyfriend send this photos via email. And he asked for post his opinion. Her ex-boyfriend’s opinion is: ‘She is a actually kind of whore. I fucked her too many times. Its true she knows how to handle boys in fucking time. Whatever, i send this photo in this site. Because this site is popular and dedicated for posting Bangladeshi girls photos. So if you see this post and photos, please becareful about her. She handle at a time many relationship. Not just that, she also fucked by so many boys and uncle (office boss actually). If you know that your friend or relative is now in relation with this girl (Shimana Shimu) then take care of that. Tell him about her if he not belive you then see this post to him, even if he does not believe you then contact with me. My email is …’ (We don’t publish senders email in public)

Click and Download original size for wallpaper and better view 🙂

Photos copy Photos2 copy Photos1 copy


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