Bangladeshi Hot & Sexy Aunty ‘Moury Khanam’

Moury lives right beside my flat. She is a fine woman. I have a dream about fucking her. She has one child but no one can tell after seeing her. She control boys mind like magic. If you in front of her you will feel that magic. Her husband live in Dubai. He is a doctor. Her husband haven’t time for her because of his profession. Her husband visited his family two years ago. She is come to our family party, i guess my mom invited her. At that time i had the DSLR with me, and i take some of beautiful shots. These are best 5 photos of her i want to share all of you with guys. So i emailed to this site and yeah i am going to send another beautiful photos of her. Obviously she is a alone woman and her need a bed partner. I wish one day i will fuck her, and i am planning on it.
Source: Email

Click and Download original size for wallpaper and better view 🙂

Moury Khanam Moury Khanam1 Moury Khanam5 Moury Khanam2 Moury Khanam3


3 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Hot & Sexy Aunty ‘Moury Khanam’

  1. i am student and my collage bba hocha apni jodi sex korte chan tahole amake adders ba mob numbare contek koten joldi

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