Bangladeshi Hot Nice & Sexy Beautiful Bhabi ‘Shraboni Selim’ Photo Album 2

For first album of Shraboni Selim: Click Here

Worker of Munshi Studio send this bunch of photos again. And he said ‘I found this photos in my studio’s computer and at that moment i decide that, i am gonna send this photos too for publish.’

Full Story of Shraboni Selim: Shraboni Selim is a daily customer of Munshi Studio. She take her any kind of necessary photos like passport photo, id card photo, banking photo in Munshi Studio. Before the Eid time, Shraboni wore her new dress and came to Munshi Studio for taking a photo for banking. At that time Owner and photographer of Munshi Studio tell Shraboni for taking beautiful shots. Shraboni was agreed. After seeing her sexy stylish photos, she told to Owner and photographer of Munshi Studio that ‘these photos are not shown to anyone and specially her husband’. This photos are send and behind the story told by Munshi Studio’s worker.

Source: Email (Send Us Photo)

Click and Download original size for wallpaper and better view 🙂

Shraboni Selim-0 Shraboni Selim-101 Shraboni Selim-101a Shraboni Selim-101b Shraboni Selim-101c Shraboni Selim-101d Shraboni Selim-101e Shraboni Selim-101f Shraboni Selim-101g Shraboni Selim-101h


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