Bangladeshi Sexy & Hot Village Home Maid Photography ‘Moina Lajo’

Moina is working as maid in our village home. When i go my village and i had with my DSLR camera. I take my family photo and other stuff. Suddenly i notice that home maid Moina have serious interest about my camera and taking photos. In that night after all of our family when asleep i was sitting on branch in our veranda and Moina was came to me and said ‘Brother what is this? i replied ‘This is camera. why? have you any interested for taking your photo? that time i was see she is so much excited and reply me ‘Yes brother. Please take my photo. Its my wish form childhood.’ and i said ‘oky! i can take your photo tomorrow. If you listen my word during photo session’. She replied with excited voice ‘Yes brother! no problem. I will listen as you said’. After launch when everybody is going out, i called home maid Moina and give her some aunty’s jewelry and other stuff for makeup. And after that i take her photos with my lead. She never tell a word and she seem very excited. Funny is she never gonna know i send this photo to this site for seeing everyone in this world.

Source: Email (Send Us Photo)
Click and Download original size for wallpaper and better view 🙂

Moina Lajo-b Moina Lajo-a Moina Lajo Moina Lajo-c Moina Lajo-e Moina Lajo-d


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