Bangladeshi Sexy & Cute Boobsy Real Life EID Fashion Bhabi ‘Rashmi Chowdhury Raani’

Rashmi Chowdhury Raani is resident of Dhaka Mohakhali DOHS. She is nice, sexy woman and also my neighbour. She is always kind and generous to me. In this Eid, she and her 3 years old son was stay in Dhaka for her son’s illness. So on 2nd day of Eid i was told her to taking photos. Firstly she wont agree but after some times she was agreed and this is are photos. She was wore Indian Style Sharee and honestly she looked a lot sexy. After taking her lots of sexy photos, she told me to that i could not show anyone this pictures. But who listen her? i send this photos for showing this world.

Source: Email (Send Us Photo)
Click and Download original size for wallpaper and better view 🙂

Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-f Reshmi Chowdhury Raani Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-d Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-e Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-a Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-b Reshmi Chowdhury Raani-c


5 thoughts on “Bangladeshi Sexy & Cute Boobsy Real Life EID Fashion Bhabi ‘Rashmi Chowdhury Raani’

  1. every human man want to see woman’s body finely. and you have success on that body finely capture. I am photographer from now 10 yrs and I must say you are a good photographer buddy. please do some freelancing photography like this and it should help you to get free hand for taking photos. and trust me this is very important for you or any photographer. Thanks buddy

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