Bangladeshi Sexy & Hot Beautiful Newly Married Real Life Girl ‘Ankhi Sultana’

I live in a mess. Ankhi come to our very next door with her husband after her marriage. Ankhi’s husband was employee in NGO firm. Actually Ankhi was came from a rural area village, So she doesn’t enough clever as like city girl. She could easily blend in with everyone and she believed everyone so easily. Pure village type girl habit. Once i see her, i cant take down my eyes for discovering her beauty. She came from village but she was real beauty. When i understood she is so easy for anything. Then i was going to plan for getting to her close and you i was successful. Actually maximum time she lived alone because of her husband’s over time works. And her loneliness is help me to get her close. When i became very close to her, i asked her to take some photos. She was agreed and these are my photos. At that day after taking her photos i was going to sex with her and believe me, i am totally successful doing sex with her. Now, this is continues…

Source: Email (Send Us Photo)
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Ankhi Sultana-b Ankhi Sultana Ankhi Sultana-f Ankhi Sultana-e Ankhi Sultana-c Ankhi Sultana-a Ankhi Sultana-d


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